Morten Hammershøy

Content creator, Communicator, Project manager.

My career has always circled around a strong desire to tell engaging stories and a curiosity about other people. I started out within the field of filmmaking and am a graduate of Famu (The Czech National  Film school in Prague ) as well as the European Film College (in Ebeltoft, Denmark). While at film school i majored in screenwriting, but also took several courses within producing and directing. As I started making films I realised that I felt more drawn to creating content for multimedia platforms than for making traditional features, also I wanted to learn all the tools of the trade as to how I could persuade large audiences to see the work and how I could logistically best get it in front of their eyes. For this reason I augmented my education with a Cand.IT degree within Digital Communication and Design (at Copenhagens IT University) and leading up to that a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Concept Development (at the Copenhagen School of Technology and Design). At this point I consider myself a digital storyteller possessing expert knowledge of Transmedial Storytelling. These skills work just as well for expanding the inherent stories of companies and brands into engaging cross platform content, which multiple different audiences can engage with. It is far more effective as a relation building tool than traditional advertising.


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