By Morten On

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Controlled inclusion

Benefitting from the author-audience feedback loop.

It used to be relatively simple. Develop a solid story and/or brand message, produce it expertly and distribute it in a well known format, to a well known platform (often Television, print media or cinemas), where a passive audience hungry for quality distractions would devour it. However, technological progress and the resulting changing patterns of audience behaviour, has created a paradigm shattering environment in which best practice, what is expected and technically possible is constantly in flux. Content creators and their clients simply cannot afford not to keep up and adapt if they want their output to be embraced.

In Circle Full Films I develop concepts and narratives in which audience interaction, and their appropriation of the content and message, are part of the development process from the onset. This appropriation and the author-audience dialogue it creates, should be considered a strength and it is one which can be harnessed. Producing through a transmedial storytelling framework, which I’ve developed from equal parts practical trial and error and academic research,  the content I create now meets the audience on their terms.  On the platforms they presently prefer, in a way which enables them to engage with the content in a way that is more rewarding than hitting a share button. And because the experience is more rewarding, they will actually feel like sharing the content.

The digital storyworlds I create have built in room for expansion and can communicate the same core message or central plot, in different tones of voice and approaches, in order to draw in different audience segments. My method is inclusive, mutually beneficial and future proof. To hear more get in touch and let’s discuss how my approach might fit your next communication or content creation project.


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